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Can't we all just get along


We need to stop fighting about ODSVRA [Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area] issues. We must come to a compromise. There are many parties involved, and each needs to win something: off roaders, Mesa residents, endangered species in the creek, Oceano residents. Health needs come first and needs to be met fully.

I suggest fencing off the greatest source of PM10 (La Grande Tract) during the windy season. The creek should not be crossed, to save the endangered species. At the end of Pier Avenue, cars should only turn north. The beach between Grand and Pier can be for day use only. This way, Oceano residents get their small piece of beach without cars south of Pier Avenue and a more livable Pier Avenue.

Day use cars should not return through Pier Avenue to avoid tracking out sand and creating PM10. Day use cars should exit through the Oceano campground. Parks already has a road in place there, wide and in excellent conditions, through the fore dunes onto the beach! This entrance could be used as an alternative to Pier Avenue. For years parks has been keeping it up, upgraded, and secret.

Off roaders will need a new southern entrance. Since there is a smaller area to ride in, there should be a smaller number of visitors allowed in. As with all other parks in the nation, the use of the park has to be monitored to adjust the number of visitors to its capacity.

Lucia Casalinuovo


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