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Careful, or everyone will be labeled a 'lefty'

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"Wake up, lefties!" So begins Gary Wechter's Nov. 2 op-ed, "The affordable housing myth." No matter what merit his op-ed has, his derogatory exclamation poisons his whole argument and negates any civility. With that beginning phrase, Mr. Wechter sets an acrid tone of derision for his neighbors that he labels as lefties. He states, "We know that most residents in SLO city are lefties."


I'm old enough to remember the nightmare of McCarthyism when the term "lefty" was stamped on anyone with progressive views and strongly intimated that he or she was a Communist or at least a communist sympathizer-aka "pinko."

Mr. Wechter now broadens his lefty labeling to include anyone who wants to preserve to beauty of the Central Coast and the quality of their lives. The hard-working, mostly middle-class folks that he labels as lefties, consist of a broad spectrum of political and social views—conservative to liberal and even some Trump supporters. Mr. Wechter wants to give developers free reign to turn the Central Coast into another Los Angeles to San Diego conurbation of nightmare traffic, a myriad of pollution and the destruction of natural beauty.

Charles Ewing



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