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Case closed




It is very disturbing hearing from people who continue to aggressively challenge climate change and climate science. The future of our planet is at stake.

People who adamantly deny the overwhelming evidence from peer-reviewed scientific analyses by many thousands of climatologists around the world are ignoring facts, truth, and reality. They are damaging our nation, shirking their duty to help ensure a livable world for future generations.

It is now well established that Earth’s atmospheric processes are being damaged by human activity. However, an organized, powerfully funded anti-climate-science movement and its intentionally deceptive tactics are overshadowing the vitally important scientific facts.

Widespread disbelief in climate science powerfully demonstrates how our nation’s abysmal education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is failing us. Rigorous STEM education for children is paramount if we are to analyze, understand, and tackle the highly challenging technical issues we face.

For a straightforward presentation about climate science, see centralcoastclimatescience.org.  

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