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Catholics and Mardi Gras … I don’t think so


I’d like to thank DJ CH405 for his insightful letter from the Feb. 10-17 issue (“Mardi Gras oppression unconstitutional�). It brought back a flood of wonderful memories of the years I spent attending Catholic schools and all those crazy celebrations we had in that wacky week before Lent, when the priests would get sloppy drunk on sacramental wine, the nuns would bare their breasts and ankles at the offering of multicolored beads, and we all threw rocks, bottles, and chalices at the bishops and cardinals who dared try and intervene.

Listen up, you hip-hop moron … the Catholic Church does not now, nor has it ever, recognized Mardi Gras as a religious holiday. It’s just another lame excuse for you and your ignorant friends to get drunk and raise hell.

As far as the constitutionality of the so-called “oppression� is concerned, your right to peacefully assemble ends with the first rock or bottle thrown at the police. Mind you, I have no philosophical objections to having a good time, but when you mix alcohol and ignorance a good party can quickly spiral out of control and become a full-fledged riot.

Perhaps you could take some time out from your career as a “musician� and further enlighten us on the Constitutional basis for your asserted “right� to party. Maybe if you played that Beastie Boys record backward they might provide you with some sound legal basis for your argument. Or, better yet, you could read a book on your civic rights and responsibilities. You can read, DJ, can’t you?


Darren Murphy


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