CCSD general manager under fire, again



Public commenters called for the termination of the Cambria Community Services District’s (CCSD) general manager at the district’s March 23 meeting.

The pleas for action came one month after General Manger Jerry Gruber had a run-in with the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board for comments he made at a public meeting and the district’s violating water quality policies.

At the meeting, CCSD board President Amanda Rice said the board members met in closed session to discuss how they will proceed with assessing Gruber’s job performance.

“There is a process in place to evaluate the general manager and at this time the general manager is here. He is fixing things that were done incorrectly, he made an apology at the last meeting and until I see something differently, this is a different general manager than we had four months ago,” Rice said.

In February, the CCSD was slapped with a potential penalty of $600,000 and a threat to revoke its water treatment facility permits. This was laid out in three notices of violation released in February after the district chronically submitted late reports and failed to comply with water quality requirements due to a flooding incident at its water facility in January.

Rice said the potential fine “means a lot to her” as it could come at a cost to the community.

“It also means a lot to me that there was absolutely not a single one of those reports that show there was any risk of the health and safety of this community,” she said.

Along with the notices of violation, the water board also requested that Gruber publicly retract statements he made on behalf of the state agency regarding frequent public commenter Tina Dickason. During the district’s Jan 19 meeting, Gruber said that Dickason was harassing both the district and the water board with constant email updates about the water facility’s brine pond.

New Times reached out to the general manager via email about the district’s next steps in the performance review process.

“My evaluation will take place in June,” Gruber said.

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