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Central Coast Renaissance Faire returns to Laguna Lake



Are you ready for mutton, jesters, bards, and corsets that make you uncomfortable just by looking at them? You should be. The Central Coast Renaissance Faire is coming to SLO’s own Laguna Lake Park this July 18 and 19! Last year, it was labeled as a “witch” and shackled in the “town square” for all to see. What fun! 

Don’t miss your chance to check out real-life falconry, sizzling meat pies, thrilling jousting, and all manner of fabulous dress harkening back to the year 1585. In addition, 50 of the finest craftspeople will be selling their wares (who can have enough engraved daggers?). 

Don’t forget: It’s a family affair (the kids will love running barefoot through the wooded wonderland). You know, children really were allowed to be kids back in the Dark Ages.

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