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Central Coast Renaissance Festival brings yearly dose of anachronism to Laguna Lake park



Hear ye, hear ye, noble lords and ladies of the San Luis Obispo area: the Central Coast Renaissance Festival is upon us once more.

Let us go back in time. The year is 1588. Francis Drake and his men have sailed to the coast of Spain and destroyed many of the Spanish ships at Cadiz. Now the invincible Spanish Armada is sailing from A Coruña, Spain, to invade England. Queen Elizabeth is in the English coastal village of Tilbury to rally her troops before battle. Tensions run high. This is Elizabeth’s finest hour.

It all happens on July 16 and 17 in SLO’s Laguna Lake Park at the 32nd annual Central Coast Renaissance Festival. The event will feature more than 25 acts including plays, comedy skits, juggling, singing, music, dance shows, storytelling, Shakespeare performances, acrobatics, a parrot act, and free flying falconry. There will also be a variety of food and beverage vendors with many appetizing food options, along with beer, ale, fine local wine, and mead.

While period costumes aren’t required for attendees, they sure do help get you in that medieval state of mind. Vendors will be selling everything from period hats and shoes to armor and swords. 

The festival opens each day at 10 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m. with a parade. Tickets range from $12 to $25. Visit for more information.

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