Chal Fanning

San Luis Obispo Bluesdirector of baseball operations and head coach



NEW TIMES How’s the season?

FANNING It’s going pretty well. We’re ranked in the top 10 in the nation for collegiate summer baseball and we’re currently tied for first place in the California Collegiate League (with the Santa Barbara Foresters).


NEW TIMES Describe the attendance.

FANNING The games are really fun. There’s a lot of energy and excitement. If a fan’s never been to a Blues game, I think they would walk in and feel welcome immediately. The kids are going to be safe whether they are playing pickle, throwing for the radar gun, or playing in the bounce house. As a parent, they have a hot dog and beer and watch quality baseball. It’s very family orientated.


NEW TIMES What’s different about this season?

FANNING As Blues baseball goes on, it continues to age gracefully. The boys on the field play hard and are winning games—so it’s fun to watch. Everything is very professional, from the concession to barbecue to merchandise. It’s a very welcome and homey place to watch baseball—and from a coach’s perspective there’s great energy in the field.


NEW TIMES What is the future for Blues baseball?

FANNING It is extremely bright. As we keep moving forward, I think we’ll make it better for the fans. They’re watching future major leaguers. We’re getting more and more of them on the field. You’re going to get an autograph from someone that you will be watching on TV in the next couple years.

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