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Change, Gov. Schwarzenegger

Santa Maria



It’s unfortunate that our elected state legislators from both parties, along with our myopic governor, have forgotten why they are in Sacramento. They are there to serve the people and run the state’s business in a responsible way. Years ago in my civics class, I learned about all governments and why our brand of democracy is unique. Basically, we have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. I’m naive enough to believe this is true.
But what we really have is a government of the special interests, by the special interests, and for the special interests. And until this changes, we will continue to sink down into the quagmire that puts corporate America first, and if anything is left, tosses the scraps 
to the people.
Seventy percent of Californians want health-care reform; a single-payer plan is the one universally desired. This is a mandate of the people. Yet our governor has twice vetoed this proposal, which was passed overwhelmingly by both houses. Where is the leadership in California? If we pass single-payer health-care reform, then California will be setting the bar for what follows nationwide.
If our governor wants to leave office on a high note and be remembered for doing something great for the people of this state, he will take a real leadership role and see to it that health-care reform starts and ends here. If he were to add one more thing to this “to do” agenda, he would do away with the super majority that is stopping all progress on the budget. But I guess I’m being naive. I know the governor won’t allow this to happen, so there really is no hope for change in California’s future.

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