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Change is good



Please consider the superior candidates for City Council on the ballot this year. Mila Vujovich LaBarre and Mike Clark are outstanding and community-oriented candidates with impressive backgrounds in all aspects of management of varied and unusual work situations. They would be extremely capable in the duties required of City Council members in SLO Town. 

They have a wealth of work history which has enabled them to change topics rapidly and make instant decisions and yet, make well-informed and in-depth analysis of many issues at a time. Clark was an officer in the U.S. military experienced in a wide variety of duties, which have readied him for leadership positions. Vujovich-LaBarre, has shown high levels of excellent organizational skills in her many roles in the San Luis public school system. Her personal leadership style has been honed by years of local, national, and international work and outlooks which have enabled her to be superior in her understanding and ability to respond to numerous critical issues with quick and yet deliberate conclusions on many issues which face the city. She has a work-oriented personality, as does Clark. Additionally, Mike Clark is a very easy person to talk with, always respects whomever he speaks with whether they agree or not. Mila also has an excellent enthusiasm in her conversations also, whether she agrees with the other speaker. They are both kind and would always treat the citizens with respect. They are both far and away the two who will retain our city’s vitality and identity while balancing our growth with the critical water levels we face.

Also, I highly recommend Heidi Harmon for mayor of our fine city. It is time for change, as the town has changed, and yet we the residents find the same old-growth-at-any-cost mentality coming from some of the councilmembers and the current mayor.

-- Dia Hurd - San Luis Obispo

-- Leslie Halls - San Luis Obispo

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