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Changes in one area impact us all

Los Osos



Contrary to Michele and Hedy Avant (“Greetings from Earth,” and “Worry about native species,” respectively, Feb. 9), I enjoyed Anne Kellog’s spontaneous and heartfelt drawing and letter (“An appeal for saving the eucalyptus,” Feb. 2), which reminds us of our basic connection to this Earth, where we are surrounded by God’s expressions.

I believe that before we make changes we must have a quiet time where we really connect with love to the trees, plants, and life forms involved. Only once they are truly part of us should we proceed to make changes. The key to knowing when we are truly connected is a sense of loss or sorrow when we are removing or “putting to death” life forms.

Decisions made using only paper and thought processes lack complete understanding. The trees, plants and life forms at Sweet Springs Nature Preserve are established (grown together, interwoven). When we make changes in one area, it affects all, a domino effect! Yes, it is true that the project before us addresses only the east side of Sweet Springs, but that is the east wall of Central Sweet Springs! And please read the Morro Shoulderband Snail Recovery Action Plan for effects on this project and future projects in Central Sweet Springs, and know that the delicate monarch butterfly likes eucalyptus trees, too! (Monarch butterflies need a special eco-climate, for them. Be careful when we change anything!)

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