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Cheaper in the long run?


Some current Morro Bay City Council candidates are stating that it might be desirable to cancel the current wastewater recycling facility/sewer project and build a cheaper one next to the new Cayucos sewer facility. I wondered how the potential cost of such a move would be handled. In speaking to SLO County Supervisor Bruce Gibson's office, I was told that the total cost (fines, payback of already used loan monies/grants, potential lawsuits, etc.) would be paid by the citizens of Morro Bay. Keep in mind that this would be in addition to the cost of building a new plant. If looking to lower the cost by once again becoming part of the county, a process (dis-incorporation) handled by the Local Agency Formation Commission, one must know that the total cost would still be passed onto the residents of Morro Bay living in the "zone of benefit," not shared among other county communities. According to historian Lynette Tornatzky, Los Osos saw that "the total cost of the sewer rose $29 million more between when the sewer was stopped in 2005 and the new project built by 2016 and they got a less advanced technology than the one they had in 2005." Really, cheaper in the long run? I think quite the contrary.

Susan Heinemann

Morro Bay

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