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Onion breath: Asiago and onion sounding good? Pick up a fresh baked savory loaf crafted by Arroyo Grande-based Eclair Bakery at the local Atascadero farmer's market, which kicks off each Wednesday from 3 to 6 p.m. (Explore a world of farmer grown goods at ... If your hunger truly is as big as your eyes, try feasting on SLO Flour House's nifty Meter Monday offerings, which include—yes, you guessed it—up to an entire meter of woodfired pizza. Half a meter feeds up to four peeps while a full meter will satiate six. Just don't try to eat one all by yourself ( ... Yes, flames were reported at downtown SLO hot spot Woodstock's Pizza earlier this month, but no one was harmed, pies included (they're open for biz per usual) ... Sally Loo's in SLO is offering up adult-approved pop tarts in flavors like raspberry with almond glaze! Yum. Follow @sallyloos on Instagram for the coziest coffee pics imaginable. Δ

Hayley Thomas Cain could probably eat two feet of pizza, tops. She can be reached at

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