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Christians won’t advocate homosexuality


Kinz is wrong (Letters, Jan. 13-20). Christians do not hate homosexuals, they hate what they do and advocate: promiscuous bisexualism and aids inducing homosexuality, teaching children that this behavior is okay.

The Supreme Court may agree. It appears to have spoken on two concepts: 1) Adoption by homosexuals. 2) The acknowledgement that this type of issue should be decided in the legislative arena and not the judicial.

The Supreme Court has effectively barred homosexual individuals from adopting children. “The State of Florida has made the determination that it is not in the best interests of its displaced children to be adopted by individuals who engage in current, voluntary homosexual activity,� the appeals court stated in the original decision. “We have found nothing in the Constitution that forbids this policy judgment.�

And they flatly stated, “The Legislature is the proper forum for this debate, and we do not sit as a super-Legislature to award by judicial decree what was not achievable by political consensus.�

This direction appears to hold both on the homosexual agenda to change our culture and as a notice that the courts should reserve to the legislatures the specific cultural issues implied by the homosexual movement.

Does Kinz argue the Supreme Court also hates homosexuals? The Court said in Lawrence v. Texas homosexuals have a right to do what they do in their closets as long as it doesn’t affect others. Affecting others, that’s the rub!


Otis Page

Arroyo Grande

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