Citizens talk CSD off ledge



As promised, the Los Osos Community Services District used its regularly scheduled Dec. 28 hearing to discuss self-dissolution of the debt-burdened agency. The apparently frustration-fueled decision was born of a move by the county during a mid-December bankruptcy proceeding to harness control of district assets that the board maintains it needs to stay afloat.

As expected, irked Ososites on both sides of the sewer debate rolled into the South Bay Community Center upset about one foul development in the endless saga or another. Some attendees questioned the actions of the current board, while others indicted the panel recalled during a special election. Most comments dealt with the scuttling of a wastewater solution launched in July 2005.

As it turns out, the overall issue of dissolution proved thornier than the board expected. In light of the information and testimony presented at the meeting, the CSD directors decided to not pursue dissolution at this time and are continuing to seek financial solvency.


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