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City progressives vs. county conservatives



There will be a lot of impacts for the country and the world flowing from the recent U.S. national election. But locally, many effects will also be felt from our SLO City Council and mayoral results, and from the SLO County Board of Supervisors races. For the city, there is at least a slight tilt to the left (maybe more) with the narrow victory of Heidi Harmon for SLO mayor. She has been a progressive force of nature in our county and beyond for years and, along with two new and fairly progressive council members, there looks to be some amount of shake-up coming in the orientation of the city and the balance of power among and between its various economic interests and social classes. We’ll see. I have high but guarded optimism.

On the county level, however, things promise to be quite different, unfortunately. With the election of John Peschong as supervisor of the 1st District, there will now be a three-to-two seat majority held by right-wing members on the five-member board. This will make things a lot harder for Heidi Harmon and the others on the SLO council in policy areas where the city and county must work together on certain key issues.

Harmon and others will need to use and marshal all their skills as community organizers and mobilizers to counter and push back against the emboldened county rightists, especially with the Trump regime coming to power in Washington. All of us must help push as well.

-- Jim Griffin - SLO

-- Jim Griffin - SLO

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