Civil Service Commission and HR: Together again



Members of the San Luis Obispo County Civil Service Commission and the Human Resources Department seem to have kissed and made up.

On April 25, commissioners unanimously approved a number of measures to repair a tumultuous relationship between the Human Resources Department and its director, Tami Douglas-Schatz.

On Feb. 2, New Times reported that commissioners were reeling from accusations by the county they were “out of control.” Civil service commissioners are tasked with reviewing and amending county employment rules, as well as presiding as a quasi-judicial panel when employees appeal disciplinary actions.

Even Commissioner Jay Salter, who said he previously had doubts that some commissioners would be able to mend their relationship with HR, said at the April 25 monthly meeting, “I’m pleased about the progress of this working group.”

The working group—comprising two commissioners alongside HR, county supervisors, and a county attorney—came to three main agreements:

• Commissioners will report to Douglas-Schatz and the County Counsel Office on any items that might pose a liability to the county.

• Commissioners will talk with Douglas-Schatz before spending any future money on outside counsel.

• Commissioners will go through legal training on procedures for “quasi-judicial bodies.”

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