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Cleanliness and family



Today, we give thanks to those who made the new Hope's Village mobile shower program possible. After six weeks and 134 showers, we are grateful to those who helped give the gift of cleanliness to others with so little. Dignity Health French Hospital gave $25,000—they know how much cleanliness can help our community. Many other donors contributed for our homeless neighbors, who try so hard to eke out a living on the streets. Thanks to our amazing crew who came out of the woodwork to help—and they just keep on coming!

In this crazy world of ours, it's such a joy to see the happiness our guests experience in getting clean. When they come out of those showers in clean clothes, their smiles could light up the world! After they get a hair cut at our "pop-up care center" their faces glow! A snack to go, and they're on their way.

When someone is kind enough to offer Hope's Village a lease on 5 acres in or near SLO, some of these same people will build their own tiny homes, where they will live in the safety and peace of a sustainable community village.

We believe that the No. 1 cause of homelessness is the profound catastrophic loss of family. We will be that family.

San Luis Obispo

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