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Climate-change evidence is real




The American public and the news media seem dangerously unaware of the overwhelming solid science substantiating global warming and climate change. This is understandable because many Americans have little understanding of science, due in large part to our nation’s inadequate education system, the lack of a science-minded society, deficient parenting, and a serious lack of outreach by the scientific community.

It is normal human nature to deny or criticize things that make us apprehensive. The forecast of significant changes in the Earth’s climate is accurate. And regional “weather” patterns, such as this winter’s extreme cold in much of the nation, have little impact on global, long-term climatic processes. To become better educated about climate science, I recommend beginning with these two excellent sources: the Central Coast Climate Science Education website centralcoastclimatescience.org, and the Feb. 25, 2010 PG&E whitepaper Climate Change for Policymakers and Business Leaders at pgecorp.com/news/press_releases/Release_Archive2010/100225press_release.shtml.

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