Clubhouse is no more



After a turbulent four-year run, the Clubhouse at this Old House—a San Luis Obispo restaurant, bar, and music venue—is closing its doors for good.

A multitude of problems, including financial hardship, code enforcement pressure, and complaints from neighbors, forced owner Andy Adams to call it quits. The Foothill Boulevard property is slated for auction on the steps of the county courthouse on Feb. 18.

“I could’ve got out of this business two years ago and had a lot,” Adams said. “But I loved what I was doing and didn’t want to give up.”

But after several SLO County Planning Commission meetings, new hours of operation, a suspended liquor license, and constant complaints from neighbors about loud music and rowdy patrons, Adams finally gave in.

“There was a lot of added stress with the neighbor issue, and I think that ultimately drove us into the ground,” Adams said. “And ever since our hours were cut from 2 a.m. to 10 p.m., we lost so much revenue that we never had enough.

“The Clubhouse at this Old house is no more,” Adams said. “But if I have the opportunity to bring music back to the community, I surely would.”

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