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Code Pink is an embarrassment



As a military wife, I am a proud supporter of our troops, and I am deeply concerned about how the public has treated our brave men and women. They volunteer to serve our country with honor, and their sacrifices and dedication to service deserve our utmost respect.

Our troops and veterans need leaders who will keep their best interest in mind, and one candidate for Assembly, Dawn Ortiz-Legg, has made it clear that she will not be that leader. As the co-founder of the local chapter of the organization Code Pink, Dawn Ortiz-Legg should be embarrassed and ashamed to ask veterans for their vote.

I believe Code Pink is a hate group that coincides with a far left and anti-military mindset. Code Pink members are an embarrassment to our community.

Dawn should not be asking our military members, veterans, or military families for their vote; she should be apologizing to them for her involvement with such a disgraceful and regressive organization. Voters look for strong candidates who will support and care for our troops—Dawn Ortiz-Legg has proven she is not that candidate!

-- Phyllis Stout - Arroyo Grande

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