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Code Pink is not a hate group



I was saddened to read the letter Phyllis Stout wrote about Dawn Ortiz Legg (Aug. 11, “Code Pink is an embarrassment”). I have known Dawn for many years, and she is a compassionate, empathetic, experienced, and concerned member of our community. She has co-led and volunteered with I Care International for many years, a nonprofit that collects eye glasses and goes to third world countries with eye doctors, to test and fit poor people with much-needed eyeglasses. She has cooked for the SLO homeless shelter for years and is always first to help at fundraisers. She was instrumental in the solar farm hiring formerly incarcerated individuals in our area, and I know this for a fact as I work with this population in my nonprofit program. Several of my clients still work in this industry and are very grateful for the chance that was given to them. It has changed their lives for the better.

Regarding Code Pink being a hate group: Code Pink is a group for peace. We have always supported the soldiers, and in fact, several times we sent boxes of needed items (like toiletries, food, socks, etc.) to our soldiers in combat. And last but not least, Dawn is married to a Vietnam veteran. I don’t think she would be if she was against soldiers, do you, Mrs. Stout?

I will be voting for Dawn because she wants to create jobs, as well as affordable housing. She cares about the environment as well as those less fortunate than ourselves. She will be compassionate and committed to the people. That’s my kind of leader.

-- Janet Allenspach - Los Osos

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