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Code Pink supports our veterans



As one of the co-founders of SLO Code Pink, I hope to educate Phyllis Stout on her dim knowledge of our organization and more importantly, her egregious untruths about 35th District Assembly candidate Dawn Ortiz Legg. Yes, SLO Code Pink did protest the illegal occupation of Iraq, a stance most thoughtful people have now come to realize as proper. Working with Gold Star Families For Peace and Veterans Against the War, our hearts and voices were with our soldiers. 

We sent them care packages. On flags strung a mile long, we wrote the names of the brave and the lost. We carried those banners through the streets. We read their names aloud in sorrow and in tribute to their courage. We met with our representatives, begged them to stand with us, to bring our sons and daughters home. We were a group of teachers, nurses, and mothers who understood the imperative of saying yes to peace, no to an irresponsible and ugly war. 

Dawn is married to a veteran. She has always been at the forefront of responsible actions taken in the hope of encouraging lasting peace. Running for state Assembly and working tirelessly for green jobs is a testament to her commitment to building a future based on honoring the dignity of all people to flourish on a healthy planet.

-- Dian Sousa - Los Osos

-- Dian Sousa - Los Osos

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