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Comment about quarry project now

Santa Margarita



Kathy Johnston did a great job of making people aware of the purposed granite quarry on Highway 58 (“Moving mountains,” July 29).

I would like to let readers know the SLO County Planning Department has

extended the deadline for comments to Monday, August 9. Comments can be e-mailed to Jeff Oliveira in the department via joliveira@co.slo.ca.us or sent immediately by regular mail to Jeff Oliveira, 976 Osos St., Room 300,San Luis Obispo 93408. For more information about the issues raised by the proposal,  contact hwy58quarryinfo@gmail.com. Just the water use alone would be 20,000 gallons daily for 30 years!

-- Dee Carroll - Santa Margarita

-- Dee Carroll - Santa Margarita

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