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Comments were indecent




Glen Starkey’s opening comments about Candye Kane (“I want Candye,” June 24) were entirely inappropriate, hurtful, and reflect the residue of a swaggering, macho culture. Starkey picked the wrong person to indulge in such vulgar dissection of a female into body parts. Freedom of speech may allow such derogatory, indecent language, but if New Times supports quality live music, it will publish an apology.

 Here is the point: Starkey and his low-end compatriots write outrageous, vulgar comments to get the attention they so crave. Unfortunately, he represents the local musical taste through your publication. The mockery of this talented artist is a mockery of women and an affront to our local music community. Thankfully Candye Kane herself addressed Starkey’s blather at the concert, where the fool had the audacity to sit with paper and pen. Gosh, why are people so mad?  

 Loud bravos to Candye Kane for kicking him off his self-made pedestal: Shame on New Times!

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