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Community choice is a fallacy


J.R. Killigrew and his Monterey Bay Community Power ("Who we are," Oct. 17) are middleman brokers seeking to line their pockets, nothing more. There is a surplus of clean burning natural gas and prices have fallen in the past year. Killigrew told us that prices have gone up. Community choice? Really?

Choice would mean that individuals having the right to buy the cheapest, most efficient power. San Luis Obispo's city rulers voted to go all electric, no natural gas, in new construction. The state political bureaucracy mandated solar on all new homes next year increasing the price of homes by close to $10,000. Choice? If solar is so cheap, why the mandate?

The cleanest, most efficient renewable power is an already-built nuclear power plant that is to be closed because of crony elitism. If wind and solar and electric cars are so efficient, then why are they being subsidized?

Monterey Bay Community Power will lower power bills? Sure.

It's interesting that Killigrew threw in hydropower as renewable, as environmentalists say otherwise. In a state with the nation's highest energy costs, this is nothing more than jumping from the frying pan into the fire. The government entity, the California Public Utilities Commission, with commissioners appointed by Gov. Brown, now Newsom, regulate PG&E, and look where this cronyism has led us. They can't even keep the lights on.

If the public is gullible enough to buy Monterey Bay Community Power's scheme, please don't call it "choice," act as if energy costs are going to decline, and say that you will change the climate.

Harry Fawcett

Avila Beach

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