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Community choice is the real deal

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A recent letter wondered if community choice energy was a scam to ease liberal guilt by getting them to pay more for green energy ("Community choice seems like a scam," Aug. 1). Community choice energy is the real deal.

Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP) will be providing energy to the cities of San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay next year and four more SLO county cities and Santa Barbara County the following year. Last year, current customers of MBCP shared $4.4 million in rebates. Their customers are projected to receive more than $10 million in rebates this year—money staying in their local economy instead of going into PG&E's coffers. The energy supplied is 100 percent carbon free, and MBCP provides a 5 percent rebate on the energy supplied. You can be green while saving money.

All of the major electric grids have systems in place to track the source of generation being fed into and removed from the grid by all energy suppliers. This is how you know the energy supplied by PG&E is 80 percent carbon free (including 27 percent nuclear) and MBCP is 100 percent.

If the entire county joined MBCP, the additional 20 percent represents about 250,000 mega-watt hours of carbon-free energy, plus more than $5 million will stay in the local community instead of going to PG&E.

Unfortunately only cities are set to join, the county has not even put joining MBCP on its agenda. Contact your county supervisor and let them know that you want all the businesses and residents in the county to enjoy the very real benefits of community choice energy.

John Smigelski

San Luis Obispo


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