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Competition is healthy

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Regarding the letter “Ban street-corner vendors in AG” (Feb. 25): I am one of the flower vendors. I made arrangements with the owners of a business that has been in Arroyo Grande for decades. The owners, staff, and patrons were very supportive of my team’s professionalism and  creativity; moreover, I think we brought attention to the business for the few days we were there.

I want to support the community. Not everyone can afford the mark up of three to five times most flower shops have at Valentine’s Day and other holidays. It made me happy to make others happy. What I find curious is that the police were dispatched to the location where I had my stand, not on a corner but on private property. I asked the two officers whether other vendors were being questioned. They said, not so much. They verified the business owner gave me permission, verified my license and my permit. The person who has called for a ban called the police: She was my friend and employer of more than 18 years and is an owner of the only two “flower shops” in Arroyo Grande. Why should one or more businesses get to stay but another must go?

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