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Congress will destroy our nation




Today, people are blaming the oil companies for high gas prices. We are awash in oil, but the U.S. Congress refuses to allow drilling in the huge tracts offshore and in Alaska. Congress is the culprit, not the oil companies!

There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that authorizes Congress to meddle in our marvelous free market system that was working very well without federal interference. However, massive interference has stifled production of oil and nuclear power. Visit www.thenewamerican.com for details.

In addition, Congress is mostly legislating in areas unauthorized by our Constitution. Foreign aid and regulating education are just two of many examples. In areas where Congress is authorized, it has created several major disasters. Our military is dispersed in many countries around the world, but it is not protecting our southern border to keep out the illegals. In addition, Congress gave up its power to declare war to the president. Therefore, we now have perpetual war to achieve perpetual peace as George Orwell wrote in his classic novel, 1984. A citizen who does not obey the Constitution would quickly be arrested.

However, Congress truly is a criminal enterprise because it continues to violate our Constitution after taking an oath uphold and defend it. We must demand that Congress obey the Constitution, or we soon will see the destruction of our nation.


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