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Conserve responsibly

San Luis Obispo



Does the Sierra Club honor its own teachings? A locally famous dunes activist and decades-long Sierra Club member was cited while hiking last week at Oceano Dunes (“Shredder,” April 2). This makes two citations within a year for illegal acts that directly threaten the dunes and snowy plovers. Yet, the Sierra Club newsletter continues to advertise hikes into the dunes led by this same member.

Ethical responsibility is the Sierra Club’s claim of authority when obstructing growth and opposing public recreation. Do the same values apply to them? We can all believe in recycling and sensible environmental consciousness, however Sierra Club activism stretches sensibility.

Like alcohol, living green can become debilitating when taken to excess. When one overlooks one’s own behavior, it is time for friends to intervene.

-- Kevin P. Rice - San Luis Obispo

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