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Contact the commission now




Thanks so much for your ongoing coverage of the proposed black- bear hunt, and especially for the commentary in opposition (“Let bears roam in SLO County,” April 9). And I loved the cartoon in the same issue by Jerry James! Brace yourself for a slew of hate mail from the hook ‘n’ bullet boys.
Shame on the Fish and Game Commission for holding the April 9 hearing on the matter in Lodi rather than in San Luis Obispo County where the proposed hunt will take place. That was not right.  Shouldn’t the locals have a say in this? Here’s a proposal: Perhaps New Times, the Tribune, or the county Board of Supervisors could host a public hearing somewhere in the county to get the input of the people most affected by this ill-advised proposal. Two of your county supervisors have already written opposition letters. And there’s a coalition of some 37 organizations that have signed a letter opposing the slaughter.
Meanwhile, the commission will make a final decision via telephone on April 21. I’m betting they’ll approve the hunt by a 5-0 vote.  Anyone who is concerned should immediately write to the commission at 1416 Ninth St., Room 1320, Sacramento 95814—but better yet e-mail comments to fgc@fgc.ca.gov, or fax them via (916) 653-5040. 

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