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Contain the nuisance at the dunes



The revised ODSVRA dust control plan for the dunes is a “doozy.”

1) It wants the people and “things” breathing its air to wait another five years to see if their plan works out—an insult to the long-range potential for damaged lungs.

2) It is also going to replant native flora on 20 acres of its 1,500. Let’s liken that to putting a Band-Aid on a large laceration.

3) More wind fencing and straw bales—soon to be covered with sand, as always, by those winds that built the dunes.

And 4) the coup de grace: They are going to test soil stabilizers to see if they work well enough to use as soil stabilizers in order to stabilize the soil. Hey! Are we to trust this experiment?

Isn’t it simply time the OHMVR does here what it was mandated by state law to do? That is to “contain a nuisance” that is damaging the environment and disrupting community values. They use the words “if,” “probable,” “possibly,” and “temporary” in every revision of their attempt to validate their existence, when in fact nothing they propose for the enormity of the problems they cause is remotely viable.

-- Marsha Lilly - Oceanside

-- Marsha Lilly - Oceanside

-- Marsha Lilly - Oceanside

-- Marsha Lilly - Oceanside

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