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Cops gave good P.R.


I am a first-year composition lecturer at Cal Poly and it’s a favorite feature of my class to have “story time� as stragglers stumble in to my class late. This Monday I was shocked as the entire class raised their hands to tell me stories about their run-ins with the cops. It was totally the opposite of what I expected. Every single student reported how awesome and fun it was having them around. Many spent time conversing with them, some partied with plainclothes cops undercover, but all had a lot more respect and understanding for them.

What Mardi Gras has lost in spirit, the police department has made up for in P.R. That’s gotta be a good thing. Good job, peace officers — I’m sad that the Mardi Gras I loved years ago is gone, but I’m glad you used the opportunity to show the students that cops aren’t so bad after all.


Kristin McNamara


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