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Corporate greed

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Laetitia Winery suing to keep the El Campo Road intersection open is a perfect example of American corporate greed, and it's sickening! This insane intersection and some others up here on Highway 101 have always amazed me. People can say what they want about LA, but there isn't one of these intersections down there that I can remember.

Being a union man from day one, the first word I thought of when I heard the news was the word "boycott." If for no other reason, do it for the families of the dead and injured. And then I see that the CEO of the company said that he is against the lawsuit, but, because of it, he can't comment.

What the ... ? That sounds like a politician. Give me a break.

P.S. I'm not sure if I don't like Al Fonzi or if I do like the man. He's a very interesting fellow.

Kevin Alf Lee

Santa Margarita


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