August 1, 2013 Edition



• An article regarding the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office’s recent action in the case of a former Grover Beach financial consultant (“SLO County punts Moriarty assets to bankruptcy court,” Aug. 1) contained a factual error. The most recently updated list of Al Moriarty’s creditors in his federal bankruptcy case now includes a majority of his local alleged victims. The same article noted that the prosecutor in the case couldn’t be reached for comment prior to press time. Deputy District Attorney Steve von Dohlen later explained that his office requested several real properties be released to the bankruptcy trustee because they were financially underwater and would adversely affect the potential victims’ restitution pool, though this information couldn’t be independently verified by New Times.

• The Aug. 1 Shredder column (“Cat and mouse”) incorrectly stated how often the Air Pollution Control District Board of Directors meets. They meet every other month.

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