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Corrupt news, not elections, distracts from the job at hand


In response to Robert F. Wilson’s Dec. 16 letter, “Elections distract from the job at hand�: Have you lost your mind? This is not a time to be tinkering with the Constitution.

The Republicans can’t be trusted to make it “better.� They would slip in some provision like “unless in time of war� or something else allowing their boy W to get “reelected� until the day he dies. What we need to do is somehow make it through another four years without any changes more drastic than what we have had to live with so far.

One change that we can’t, as a democracy, live with is what has happened to the news sources we depend on for information. We need to understand that political and corporate interests have corrupted them. These “news� corporations now tell us what they want us to hear and what they want us to understand.

If everyone saw pictures of the dead women and children in Iraq or the burn marks on tortured Iraqi bodies placed there by U.S. Marines and sanctioned by our government we wouldn’t be in this war. If we all saw the gaffes and stuttering from Bush during the debates or people being kicked out of his rallies for wearing T-shirts saying “protect our civil liberties� or if we all saw the loyalty oaths people had to sign just to enter the rally in the first place we would not have elected him.

Jeff Legato

San Luis Obispo

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