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Yay! Valentines Day! This is my favorite day of the year: when loved ones get together and consume each other’s cardiac-themed gifts. This magnificent festivity, in the tradition of the Old Ways, requires the ritual thorned flowers, tinted with the same red as the hearts consumed. Ah, some things never die. Except one’s loved ones. Oh well!

Anywho, with the insane mess left behind afterward, plenty of help is needed to repair things to their usual pathetic norm. On that subject, the Central Coast Paramedic Program’s Class of 2013 at Cuesta College is accepting applications. This three-semester, 32-unit program prepares students to take the Paramedic National Registry exam. Both classroom theory and clinical experience are used. And if you’re not sure you’re ready, did you survive my last paragraph? That should answer your question. Well, that and if you have the prerequisites for the program completed by July 16. Make sure you submit your application before March 15, which is the deadline. Late applications will only be considered based on available space. Admission letters will be sent out after April 9, and classes begin Aug. 19. If you’d like more information, call 546-3119 or visit

Speaking of health-related programs, Cuesta College’s Psychiatric Technician Program has been named one of the top in the state in terms of students passing licensing exams after completing college coursework; the pass rate percentage is 100 percent, allowing the school to tie for the No. 1 spot. This is out of 16 accredited psychiatric technician programs.

The program prepares students to monitor, provide care for, and participate in the treatment of mentally and developmentally disabled clients. As with the Paramedic Program mentioned above, students complete units of both classroom theory and clinical experience, for a total of 55 units. The program admits 30 students for three 16-week terms. Students complete their assignments in a variety of settings, such as adult day care and substance abuse treatment programs.

According to the 2011 employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for psychiatric techs in California is $52,280. A workshop for the program will be held at Atascadero State Hospital later this spring. More information can be found on a subsection of the Cuesta nursing website provided in the previous paragraph. One may also call Karen Boriack, the director of the program, at 468-2166. Congratulations to the students and staff who worked so hard as to earn the honor of such a high pass rate percentage!

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