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I’d like to begin our session today by correcting an error I made not once but twice in a row over the last two weeks: Cal Poly is not, in fact, a University of California (UC), but instead a California State University (CSU). Given I’ve been writing these little pieces for about three years I should be tremendously embarrassed about this. If I’m going to make a throwaway joke it had better be accurate, lest I lose my nerd cred, and for as good riffing material as both Cuesta and Cal Poly make, I have a great deal of respect for both institutions, which I hope is fairly obvious. While there are 10 campuses in the UC system, there are in fact 23 in the CSU system. Just something to note. Mea culpa.


While we’re on the subject of corrections and clarifications, from here on out, faithful and observant readers may notice something bizarre about the way I refer to myself in the third person. Masculinity is not something I’ve ever been terribly well-acquainted with as a descriptor for myself, and just as every student has his/her road that may take him/her from one major to another, and eventually out the door of a degree, so too, apparently, is my gender. So if you grow confused about why the Chris-Meister is suddenly a she, be aware that there was nothing sudden about it on my end and that it’s still me, being more me than I’ve ever been before.

“But wait!” I hear you cry, “what does this have to do with graphic communication?” I have no idea why you’re asking that. It has nothing at all to do with graphic communication. But if you’re really feeling this startlingly-spontaneous call to that particular field, I’m the last person to hold you back. Cal Poly will be hosting the International Conference for Graphic Communication Educators from July 5 to 10, which actually will be a combination of two other conferences joined as one: the 47th annual Conference for The International Circle of Educational Institutes for Graphic Arts, Technology, and Management; and the 93rd annual Conference for the Graphical Communication Education Association. Delegates from PrintEd will be there for a one-day conference of their own, and this all lines up beautifully with the 70th anniversary of Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication program. To partake in this extravaganza, I recommend visiting for information that I just couldn’t fit in this week.

She’s hip, she’s cool, she’s probably too goofy to ever be taken seriously as a journalist: Contributor Chris White-Sanborn wrote this week’s Cougars & Mustangs. Please, send collegiate news to!

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