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As a silly, excitable geek, I’ve been in a flutter about the preparations I’ve been making for Homestuck Day on April 13. Gotta get that costume complete! Gotta hide the Betty Crocker mix and fill the bathtub with Faygo! This room isn’t filled with enough posters of crappy movies!

I’m sure that all went over your head, which is fine, because it was me talking about some ridiculously geeky stuff. Four hundred words will not begin to suffice to let me tell you about Homestuck, nor its day. But it should give me enough time to talk about an entire week some people have been preparing for, and for a far more serious cause. The Active Minds club at Cuesta College, the Cuesta branch of a larger group, is a group dedicated to spreading awareness about mental health and attempting to lessen the stigma around mental illness. The timeline cover photo on their Facebook page quotes the Active Minds, Inc. founder as saying, “We don’t all have mental illness, but we all have mental health.” This is very important, and I’ve gone on at length about it before.

From April 15 to 19, Active Minds will be host to a Mental Health Awareness Week at Cuesta College, and I’m sure it will be far more informative on the subject than I could ever be. You owe it to yourself to see what the week has to offer. On Monday, for example, 1,100 flags will be set up to represent the number of college student suicides that happen each year. Suicide, it should be noted, is one of the leading causes of death in college students, and may very well be No. 1 itself.

Active Minds will be offering lots of resources to help potentially struggling students at its Mental Health Fair on Tuesday, so come on down for that, too. And on Thursday, an event called “Art of Impact” will include a board panel of mental health agencies and organizations. Come get the resources you need and hear stories from those who’ve struggled themselves. Every student needs to know that you don’t have to go through this alone—and in fact, you really shouldn’t.

There’s no shame in struggling, nor is there any in seeking help, and believe me, help is out there. I know this from experience and not a day goes by that I will ever stop saying it. You may not be able to trust me with Betty Crocker, but please, trust me on this one.

Intern Chris White-Sanborn would like to tell his mother, when she inevitably reads this, that he’s not actually going to fill the bathtub with Faygo. Send your collegiate news to

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