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College students, you’re a notoriously persistent bunch. When you slip and fall into the hole you’ve been digging for yourself all semester, you don’t just get a Wile E. Coyote slide whistle. No, you’re Gandalf, and you’re fighting that Balrog the whole way down. And, just like Gandalf, when you emerge triumphantly, people can tell right away by your clean clothes and surprisingly well-tended hair. So head into finals with style, Cougars (only three weeks until you’re out, you can make it), and if Howard Shore isn’t available for background music, you could always try the talented Cuesta Choirs.

Friday, May 11, before the pre-finals weekend cramming, the Cuesta College Choirs will present their Spring Concert at 7:30 p.m. From Brahms to Broadway, gospel, folk, and, of course, jazz, everyone will find something to love in this concert. Tickets are  $10 for adults, $7 for students, seniors, and children under 12. The concert will be at St. Timothy’s Church, 962 Piney Way in Morro Bay. For more information, contact Cuesta College Performing Arts at 546-3195.

In other news (literally), we here at New Times would like to tip our hats to Cal Poly’s own Mustang Daily. The student-run paper won its fourth consecutive College Newspaper of the Year award at Miami, Florida’s College Newspaper Business and Advertising Managers convention. The paper took all three of the personnel awards (Breann Borges won advertising manager of the year, Miles Buckley won sales rep of the year, and Brad Matsushita won ad designer of the year). In total, they earned 13 awards at the convention.

Other important news: This week, as Cal Poly students may know, is Autism Awareness week. All week, the campus has had events providing information about the cause, but it isn’t over yet. The event comes to a head on Sunday, when the Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center hosts the fourth annual WALK for Autism and Awareness Fair. Music, food, vendor booths, and a lot more will fill Mission Plaza at noon, sure to be entertaining for anyone, regardless of age. At 2:30 p.m., the signature WALK begins. Supporters will march their route through town proudly displaying their stylish shirts and alerting others to the cause. At, you can register as a team or an individual for this event and help the Center get vital donations. The CCASC provides programs and resources to those on the Autism Spectrum, whose special needs require particular care.

Good luck on midterms and finals, everybody!


Intern Chris White-Sanborn defeated the Balrog, and became Intern Chris Sanborn the White. It was confusing. Send Cliffnotes to



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