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Yeah, yeah. Sure. Summer comes around and any further mention of school for the break’s duration is completely tuned out. Who wants to hear anything about class during your special “you” time? So it stands to reason that a fairly notable portion of Cuesta College students missed out on some pretty awesome news about their alma mater that, funnily enough, also has to do with hearing! 


In June, Cuesta installed a wonderful technology called a hearing loop system in two of its buildings. Hearing loop systems involve the use of physical loops of cable to generate a magnetic field through the looped space which can be picked up by a hearing aid, cochlear implant processors, and specialized hand-held loop receivers … microphone sound is transferred directly to a hearing aid or cochlear implant. The buildings in question? The Associated Student Center (Room 5401) and the Cultural and Performing Arts Center (yes, that’s right, neither of the Cs in CPAC stand for Cuesta, or even Cookie!). The ASCC’s determination in providing wonderful services such as food and entertainment to the students of Cuesta College, as well as Cuesta’s renowned theatrical and musical programs and their many events, are already notable highlights to student life at the school. That these can now be enjoyed more fully by the hard of hearing is a wonderful boon. Cuesta College is the first establishment in San Luis Obispo County to install hearing loop systems, and as Stephen Roldan, Cuesta College’s director of Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS) expressed, “We want to set the pace for SLO County and by showcasing this technology, others …can become more aware of the benefits of disability access.” DSPS funded the technology and its installation.

In more recent news glorifying the Cougar Master Race, a student-created short video produced in response to several reports of mountain lion sightings in the Cuesta College, area received quite a bit of attention for its short, sweet, to-the-point advice and the humor of its delivery. As the video is about 48 seconds long, there’s little point in describing it without taking away part of the fun. Essentially, it offers tips on what to do should one encounter a mountain lion with DJ Cougie Cougar herself, that lovable saxophone-playing mascot. The only thing missing from the video is a visible saxophone! The short film was produced by Cuesta’s own student-run newspaper, The Cuestonian, and can be viewed on the paper’s website and Facebook page. With more than 2,800 views already, the film’s popularity is practically rocketing toward the sky. Congratulations to the students responsible for the film.

Contributor Chris White-Sanborn still hasn’t had the opportunity to party with the Cougster, but she isn’t planning on giving up that dream. Send her your collegiate news via

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