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It’s health care, health care, health care these days. That headline over there? Health care. Tonight’s newscast? Health care. The cough that won't quite go away? Yeah, it’s health-care related. And most health-care discussions these days come with furrowed brows, partisan political rhetoric, or both, creating rhetorical furrowed partisan political brows.

While health care may now be the 10-letter equivalent of a four-letter word, not to be discussed in polite company or over Thanksgiving dinner, not everyone is treating it as such. After all, if nobody looked to the future of the industry, nothing would change, and those conversations over the turkey would have to stick to politics and religion.

Cuesta College is taking a bold stab at transforming the health-care discussion into something positive by partnering with Boston Reed College to offer three new not-for-credit training programs: for veterinary assistants, electronic health records systems technologists, and pharmacy technicians. The training is designed to be fast-paced. Participants can work to make health care something to be proud of again, something we can rub in other countries’ faces.

October marks the beginning of the new programs, and prospective students can log into a free online information session to learn more. Interested takers can find out specifics, including pre-requisites and financial assistance opportunities. So it’s a free session in which you can learn how to get money help. Also, the program’s registration fee includes the cost of textbooks, classroom materials, and externship placement fees.

Classes will be held on Saturdays or online. Participants will also get a chance to get hands-on experience at a local health-care facility.

For more information, or to register, call Cuesta College Community Programs Coordinator Karen Linn at 546-3132 or visit

In Mustang news, if you haven’t noticed, about 4,000 new students have been milling around San Luis Obispo as a part of WOW. That’s just WOW. Not WOW Week. Because that would be Week of Welcome Week.

The mass of newcomers—and the leaders tasked with corralling them—will descend upon downtown SLO on Sept. 16 in an effort to get an introduction with their new adoptive community.

So be nice, everyone.

The group will start at Mitchell Park to attend “Campus and Community Perspectives” to learn about how to be a good community member. There’s also a zero-waste picnic scheduled, and a SLO Bound tour of local participating businesses.

Back in my WOW days, we had to watch an anti-drug modern dance set to Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” But it worked for me. I never did drugs, plus I stuck around town. ∆


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