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You may or may not be aware that our own Cuesta College is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. One associated festivity is a commemorative photo of a bunch of students, staff, community members, etc. gathered together in a giant 50 to be printed for various promotional materials and other valuable keepsakes. Naturally, as both a student and a community member, I had every intention of showing up and being a part of this event, and then pointing out my tiny face to others whenever the opportunity arose.

So, I dressed up in my best-acquired garb, and—getting confused by a certain press-thingy—showed up on Wednesday wearing this “big-ass coat” that I may or may not have gotten at the thrift shop down the road. Most people who knew me, and even a few who didn’t, questioned my sanity for wearing such heavy attire on such a hot day. I was greeted with the news that, as I had originally thought I had read, the photo was really taking place on Thursday. So I dressed up in the same suspiciously David Tennant-reminiscent clothes without getting the slightest opportunity to wash them again.

But I couldn’t make the already-passed 50th anniversary time capsule ceremony, as I had a class at the time it began (despite this sort of thing not being a problem for the person I suspiciously resembled in attire), and I’ll be jiggered if I wasn’t going to barge my way into a commemorative keepsake and write a column about the experience. I reached the school, on a day I don’t normally need to be there, and was greeted with the realization that, yes, the photo ceremony took place on Thursday—but Thursday, May 9. Was I irritated? Certainly. But I suppose that this whole scenario has provided me with two opportunities.

Firstly, I can now wash my sweaty clothes in time for my probably quite-foul scent to not interfere with the camera. But, more importantly, I could encourage others who might not have been aware of the event already to join in. Of course, I get only a small window of opportunity to do so. If you’re reading this column the day it is published—which, once again, is Thursday, May 9—and it happens to not be 2:30 p.m. yet—which is when the event starts—then, as the good Doctor would say, Allons-y! Join me and (I should hope) a bunch of others on the San Luis Obispo Cuesta Campus’s Soccer Field to make this commemorative photo.

 You may just run into me, though I doubt that could possibly be the highlight of your day. Be one of the first 100 people to show up and receive a free T-shirt. And, even if you aren’t one of that chosen few, everyone who attends will be included in a drawing for gift cards (though I’ve not the slightest idea what for or how many). So c’mon! ∆


Intern Chris White-Sanborn congratulates Cuesta College on another successful year of excellent education. He also promises not to smell too foul for the photo. Send your collegiate news to

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