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Where there’s a tree that needs planting, a Mustang will be there. Where there’s a shelter dog or cat in need of a walk, and maybe some lovin’, a Mustang will be there. Where there’s canned goods for the hungry in need of stacking, well, you get the point. Unless you don’t, in which case you obviously didn’t start off your day with a balanced breakfast. Go eat a bowl of Wheaties and give it a second look.

Cal Poly’s annual Week of Welcome is just a little over one month away. The event, which is intended to introduce freshmen, transfer students, and out of state and international students to life at Cal Poly, takes place Sept. 12-17. Now before you go boo-hooing into your Wheaties because you don’t happen to fall into one of those categories, the university has announced that it’s seeking community partners to participate in WOW’s ninth annual Days of Service, Sept. 15 and 17 from 9:30-11:30 a.m.

Here’s what that means for non-profits and other community-enriching organizations: free labor and the opportunity to introduce a new generation of Cal Poly students to your worthwhile cause. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard various members of the community bemoan the difficulty of engaging local college students in their particular cause of choice. Well, here’s an opportunity to hook ‘em early, and who knows? Maybe some will decide to stick around long after WOW is just a happy memory that exists only in goofy photos in a scrapbook.

In order to sign your organization up for WOW Days of Service, contact Bryanna Lindgren at 756-2487 or

In other news, Cal Poly has appointed George Hughes, who hails from Colorado School of Mines police department as its newest Police Chief, effective Aug. 31. Hughes’ predesecor Bill Watton, retires Aug. 24 after serving as chief for 10 years. Hughes’ law encorcement empire consists of 45 staff in the police and parking departments, 18 of which are sworn officers, and an annual budget of around $8 million.

Obviously one of your goals over the course of your collegiate career should involve having as little interaction with law enforcement as possible, but there are times when, through no fault of your own (hopefully) you might need a little assistance from your buddies in blue. So try to play nicely and give Hughes a hearty congratulations if you happen across his path. Let’s just hope he’s not as big a fan of mace as his law enforcement brethren at UC Davis.

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