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Well, Cougars, you’ve made it through the looming shadow of final exams. It’s break now. You’re free! Free to do whatever you want! You could finally write that novel! Perhaps take up skydiving and knitting at the SAME TIME in a new extreme sport called SKYSCARFING! You could even buy a horse!

Eh, why not? A faithful steed to traverse the Alaskan wilds with. Y’know, like you do. And it’s for a good cause ... those other students who aren’t out of school yet! That’s right, the 2015 Cal Poly Performance Horse Sale occurs Sunday, May 31, at the University’s Equine Center from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students who raised these fine, majestic beasts begin the event by showing them off in a demonstration of their showmanship prowess. The vast majority of horses being offered for sale here were born at Cal Poly and raised and trained by students for about two years. After the horses are previewed, it’s time for a rip-roaring tri-tip barbecue lunch at noon, followed at 1 p.m. by the actual live auctioning.

The previews demonstrate the athletic abilities of each horse during dry arena and cow work, and potential buyers also have the option to meet with the student trainers individually and get a better sense of each equestrian’s tendencies and training. If interested in pursuing this worthy business venture, you can check out a digital copy of the sale catalogue at You might as well attend just for the experience and support of your fellow students (not to mention the glory of a delicious BBQ). This is yet another example of Cal Poly’s hell-bent determination to abide by its Learn By Doing philosophy, and that’s pretty sweet. There are so many reasons to be proud of the hard efforts of our Central Coast student population, and this is certainly one of them.

The reaper may have trundled off, scythe-scraping sparks against the ground at Cuesta College, but Mustangs, let’s not forget that there’s not too much left of your quarter. If you’ve got any other rad to-the-max events to share before your school year sheds its mortal coils, please do not hesitate to let me know at the usual address. Here’s to what is hopefully your continued scholarly success, and congratulations to the Cougars on being done with that already themselves.


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