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San Luis Obispo didn’t invent the wheel. It supposedly invented the Jamba Juice, but the wheel? That was Vanna White’s doing. Despite this, however, San Luis Obispo has been a mainstay of American car culture for several nonexistent years and its heavy college student influence, particularly considering engineering majors and the like, brings particular significance to the followings news: By the beginning of next year, Cal Poly will have installed 12 electric vehicle charging stations, due to a grant from the California Energy Commission.


The school’s massive student population and its effect on town economics, entertainment, and culture helps make it an excellent place for the transition. Lots of young, possibly forward thinking engineers excited about tech and aggies helping to save the planet, as well as any other student stereotypes I’ve been too lazy to mention, will be glad to jump aboard the new vehicular possibility.

One of the largest symbol’s of our town’s culture, the Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Center, can also be found upon the majestic shores of our fair equine institution, so traffic even arriving from out of town may yet profit from this. Cal Poly’s frankly one of the town hubs, so we’ll see how well this all catches on. The college is also basically on the exact opposite side of town from the Car Dealership-Palooza, so perhaps peace between kingdoms can be reached for the sake of good, automotive grace.

In other transitive news, (see, it’s a pun, because that was a transition) Cuesta’s North County campus, as of a few days ago, has attained new extended bus service hours on the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) for its students. The RTA now offers additional buses that depart the North Country Campus at 7, 8, 9, and 10:05 p.m. The 7 and 8 p.m. buses each serve only Paso Robles residents, while the latter departures are for not only Paso Robles, but also Templeton and Atascadero. Throw those initials together and you’ve got PR for the RTA, as colleges are schools not composed of a PTA. For more information visit, or call 541-2228, as each can aid in the quest to discover proper bus times and other information. Remember as well that all Cuesta students with current registration may ride the Route 9 bus for free. As always, readers, both when at school and not, make the most of your learning experiences, and don’t forget any required bus fare!


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