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When people of similar interests band together, they begin to find avenues to collaborate. One place that makes this possible is a college club. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it several times: You don’t just have to stick with the clubs already available. Make your own! Introduce your campus to your own unique brand of culture, and in return, learn a little yourself from them. Cuesta’s got a new club this month, for example, which finds itself deeply rooted in the Central Coast’s agricultural tradition. If you’re of the right mind and constitution, be sure to check out the new Cuesta College Rodeo Club.


The rodeo club’s members aim to not only be the best competitors that they can at rodeo events, but also to achieve academic excellence. When out in front of a roaring crowd of people wranglin’ for some wranglin’ it’s a competitor’s duty to be good representatives of his or her respective college, through being a good sport, showing school pride, and of course, doing the best job possible. As well, the group’s existence is an effort to establish a National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA) team for the college, allowing participation in competition across both California and the United States.

Of course, one thing that’s particularly cool about the Cuesta College Rodeo Club is its collaboration with none other than Cal Poly. The team practices in Cal Poly’s rodeo arena along with Cal Poly’s own rodeo team. Cal Poly Coach Ben Londo expressed excitement at the partnership, and is looking forward to helping the Cuesta team grow to be the best it can be, and potentially seeing top rodeo participants from that program funnel into the one at Cal Poly, should that direction be chosen.

Good luck and congratulations to the club members, whose first competition is scheduled for Sept. 26 through 27 in Susanville, California. Go get ’em, Cougars! And remember, to students at both colleges, while your education is No. one, social growth is super important! There’s a wonderful smorgasbord of potential student activity on both campuses, but if you want to highlight your own signature style, then make that club and impact some student lives! It’s up to you to make your college experience awesome, so why settle for any less than the best? You owe it to yourself to have a great one, reader! See ya next week!


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