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From the mustache-emblazoned sketch pad of Chris White-Sanborn:

“Cuesta, you really are lucky to have such a cool Social Club.”

I write this on a sketchpad I won after doing relatively acceptably at knocking down cans with beanbags. It is pleasing to me that this event has had a much bigger turnout than the last one I attended.

The blissful chords of a really damn good jazz guitarist flow through the air at their own, natural, unhurried pace. I don't know who this guy is, but I want to tip him. Alas—there is no hat, and my current wallet contents tell me that dropping a tenner on his guitar case might not be the best financial decision I could make right now. I digress.

After consuming a tasty, complimentary tamale as an even better substitute for the lunch I forgot to bring, and trying in vain to prove to myself that my mouth is big enough to satisfactorily bite into a caramel apple, it is here in my cape, robe, bow tie, and mask that I write my thoughts on another successful Social Club event. Given the new medium of the sketch pad, I am fairly tempted to doodle a ghost or the guitarist or something to illustrate or at least dick around with this column, but sadly I know that once this latest literary diamond on the dazzling, plastic dress-up tiara of my New Times portfolio is typed up, there will be little-to-no way of accompanying my words with the artistic hiccup I would be sure to produce—if only for reasons of sheer plausibility and practicality. I digress.

It could be my imagination, but maybe on this particular day the booth operators are being more lenient toward letting more non-ASCC cardholders partake in the festivities. Maybe they aren't, and my words really have made a difference—persuading more students to get cards themselves. There are certainly more people here today. Either way, though, with the quality of Fall Fest 2012 being this high, what reasons are left to not purchase a card? Everyone needs to blow off steam, and drawing ridiculous faces on pumpkins or tricking your friends into thinking the vegan ice cream is made with the standard ingredients rather than coconut are both good ways to do it. So why not buy?

Holy-crap-he's-playing-the-Super-Mario-Bros.-theme-song. My inner geek is squealing! But I digress. A purchase means a great time, even if you refuse to be sociable, deciding to do something as introverted as writing in a corner.

My class is starting soon. I've enjoyed the time I've spent relaxing to jazz and the surprise I felt realizing one of the prizes in a goody bag I won was a flash drive. See you next year, Fall Fest.

Intern Chris White-Sanborn doodled this week’s Cougars and Mustangs. Send your collegiate news to

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