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Are you sad that MythBusters is over? Do you get a special buzz when your senseless destruction receives academic endorsement? Do you like cool acronyms and find yourself free on Tuesdays at Cuesta College from 12 to 1:30 p.m.? If the answer to these questions is yes (and other than the scheduling one, why on earth wouldn’t it be?), then perhaps you would like to pay STEM Club—the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Club—a visit. 

Your faithful reporter here at C&M Industries (A subsidiary of New Times SLO, patent pending, not legal for use in Arkansas) sat in on the very first meeting, which began on March 15, just a few days prior to this column’s publication! The roster behind this group? Steven Hoover is the president, Spencer Nefores is the vice president; in the tradition of their predecessors, Jefferson and Hamilton, Treasurer John Luis Anaya and Secretary Teagan Chapman had more than a little amount of banter; Dylan Gross is social media director and Mr. Clark serves as club advisor. As might be expected of a first meeting, there were a great many items on the agenda to get through. Those interested in joining this up-and-coming club may be enticed by the prospects of field trips and big, flashy projects. 

Nothing is completely set in stone yet, but at least one project hopes to be completed by semester’s end, with work beginning fairly soon. Possibilities include metal plating; a wind turbine; a cool funnel thing that involves fire; fun with Tesla coils (also known as everyone’s favorite bachelor party activity); robotics; and, as a project for NEXT semester, a trebuchet competition! 

Some of these competitions would love to tap into the true, nefarious purpose behind this column’s existence—inciting warfare between local colleges. Hear that, Mustangs? You may have some new rivals, and they have FANGS.

As far as trips go, there were several suggestions, including various planetariums, perhaps the Exploratorium, or some aquarium fun. Finally, if this hasn’t all been enough to convince you to give this club a shot, it’s also worth noting that occasionally guest speakers are a thing. The first, Monty, gave an interesting discussion on how engineers solve unclear problems in industries that don’t entirely understand what is required for a clear problem. The building where this all goes down is 2600, a portable room behind the cafeteria but in front of the field. 

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