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Good morning, readers! … Already on your phone, I see … Well, if you truly plan on being distracted by this “Facebook” thing the kids these days are saying is all the rage, here are a few things to remember:

The first is that both Cuesta College and Cal Poly’s various organizations and clubs generally do their gosh darned best to stay “current,” as this aquatic generation calls it these days. For example, while perusing a Cuesta College event the other day, I found that the Cuesta Health Center—that glorious establishment offering free headache pills, counseling sessions, condoms, and whatever else you might need to help your tolerance against something else—has recently begun its own Facebook page, promising to update regularly with relevant info for those who care to look. 

Remember that fancy Rose Parade Float project Cal Poly always spends time on, which it won an award for this most recent New Year? Yeah, there’s an app … err, page for that. Cal Poly Rose Float, also found on Facebook, is sure to sate you with all the behind-the-scenes documentation you could possibly want—photos, videos, and the like—until you decide to join in on the construction yourself, submit an idea for the next big project, or even do both! 

Back to the community collegiate news, that OTHER paper, The Cuestonian, features not only its own website at, but also features a Facebook page as well (if you recall, that’s how a video on animal safety it produced went viral last year). The website has been updated to discuss the current student body elections the school is undergoing, which promise to feature a lot more civility between potential candidates than our federal election is currently boasting. 

Ultimately, on the whole, if there is a club at your school you really enjoy, or a feature of student aid that has been helping you out, it is probably more tech-savvy than you might realize. New pages are springing up all the time; keep a sharp lookout, and then, when the moment is right, STRIKE—I mean, Like. 

Speaking of the right moment, potential graduates of Cuesta College this semester may want to sign up for the commencement ceremony soon. It isn’t so much the fear of a pushed deadline but rather information is already being sent out for those who’ve applied, and seating is going to be limited. 

Contributor Lola White-Sanborn looks forward to catwalking—on all fours, of course—across that stage this May. Send her your collegiate news via!

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